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Our solutions, individually adapted to your company.

The eebos technology

Through individual consultation resulting in a mutual understanding of your company and your objectives, it is then possible for us to work out a tailor-made solution for you. This solution is based on the ECM software OnBase or on a software solution from RetSoft.


With OnBase you have a first-class, integrated platform at your disposal, on which both departmental and company-wide solutions can be implemented successfully. “OnBase” consists of a central database as well as a multitude of integrated modules which can be used as required. With the acquisition of AnyDoc Software in February 2013 and the integration of the products with OnBase, Hyland Software has one of the most comprehensive and powerful ECM offerings available. This has not escaped the attention of reputable industry specialists. For example, the Gartner Group has positioned Hyland Software in the ECM category in the Magic Quadrant.

OnBase is particularly characterized by its speedy application and the prevalent number of functions. This range of services is complemented by a large number of existing solutions which can be adapted to your special requirements with little effort. The full range of services of OnBase can be summarized by the following 6 areas:


  • Input management
  • Process Management
  • Access to documents, processes and information
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Analysis and presentation
  • Archiving & Retention Management

The solution portfolio is comprehensive and ranges from simple archiving of data and documents, process automation, case management, integration of different systems as well as the mobile world, up to and including retention and event-driven records management. Bidirectional integration with SharePoint is also part of the OnBase service spectrum.

OnBase solutions are available onsite, as SaaS-or as a hosted private cloud solution and seamlessly intergrate mobile devices into the processes.

OnBase combines with existing business applications so that unnecessary and time-consuming activities can be reduced or even completely eliminated.

Digital Archiving with RetSoft is much more than just scanning an image and storing it on the hard disk. RetSoft Archive allows you to store text documents, HTML pages, e-mails, Word & Excel documents, PDFs and of course documents you have scanned in yourself, in one and the same manageable database.

You can create a backup of your archive in no time. Copies should be stored in a safe place. In the event that, for example, a fire destroys your document files, RetSoft Archive always has a digital archive at your disposal.

With a digital archive you have your customer or product data at your fingertips in no time. Consultants have patient data immediately at hand. With RetSoft Archive you can simply send your digital information by e-mail. The recipient does not need a RetSoft archive to read the documents. Any computer can open the files in a readable format.

In RetSoft Archive documents & files can be found in the shortest possible time using personally defined keywords. With the help of the OCR Add-on you can search for scanned documents by their content. Just enter the name or part of the text content and the application will find the document you are looking for. Losing something in your digital archive is impossible.

In RetSoft Archive it is so easy to create digital folders. Assign a name to these folders, e.g. the name of the customer, and fill them with scanned letters and digital materials such as Word documents and e-mails etc. from the customer.

RetSoft Archive uses award-winning technologies. One of these is a very efficient compression technique that allows storage of 40,000 scanned documents on only one gigabyte of disk space on your hard drive and of course without any loss of quality.

RetSoft can be used in any sector and in any industry. We would be happy to create a tailor-made solution for you.