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In future, business processes will become more transparent and automated through the use of enterprise content management software.

Including an as-is analysis of existing processes, tailored to the individual situation of the company, and a customized solution concept for optimized processes.


You already know? And doesn’t that bother you? You can’t find important documents when you need them urgently, despite a supposedly good filing system. You often don’t know the status of a certain order and have to collect all the information tediously and time-consumingly, piece by piece, yourself. You feel powerless and almost in despair of the vast amounts of all too often unstructured and decentralized information available within your company.

These and similar problems are now a thing of the past thanks to eebos GmbH, based in Moers and Essen-Kettwig. Unnecessary and time-consuming activities for internal research are sustainably reduced or even eliminated completely.

“This is made possible by intelligent software solutions which we integrate into existing company processes”, explains eebos managing director Christian Kowalewski, who has recently moved his „Think-Tank“ and his experienced team into a new location at the Technology Centre in Essen-Kettwig. “We like to ensure that our customers are fit for all present and future challenges in the fields of digitalisation and automation”.


Tangible Advantages

The advantages of this approach are obvious: Based on certified software solutions, company data is stored centrally at a single secure location and managed from there. At the same time, it ensures that users can continue to access required data with their existing software applications – as usual and without media disruptions. “This is possible anytime, anywhere” is the promise made by the managing director. “We make sure that in spite of immensely increasing data volumes, our customers will still have their information under control tomorrow. As a result, our customers will always have an up-to-date overview of the status of individual processes and the certainty of being able to access the required documents and information quickly at all times.

The solutions used by eebos accelerate internal company processes and therefore reduce running costs measurably. This is primarily achieved by the structured recording of important information in a single system (Big Data). This is supplemented by an audit-proof archive solution, the associated efficient storage and management of data and the option of being able to integrate functions into existing systems at any time.


Reducing Inefficiency

Behind eebos is an idea that evolved 20 years ago. “Back then, I went into business for myself with a system house in Moers,” recalls Christian Kowalewski. “That’s how eebos GmbH came about in 2012. Since then, we have been offering customer-oriented industry solutions for public authorities, healthcare, energy, finance, real estate and industry, as well as corporate solutions in the areas of human resources, accounting, contract management, record keeping, archiving and workflow”.

As part of its expansion, eebos opened a second location in the “Im Teelbruch” industrial estate in Essen-Kettwig. The new premises extend to over 200 square metres of offices and a support centre in Essen-Kettwig. The eebos managing director not only relies on the professional expertise of his permanent staff, but also draws on an international network of experts. “Together with our strategic partners, this enables us, to provide individual, efficient and solution-oriented assistance and to accompany the customer’s path from analogue archiving techniques to successful and sustainable digital age technology.”

Individual support of the service provider for efficient information management in this area is based on two products. “First and foremost, we base our work in the area of information management on OnBase from Hyland Software,” says the 51-year-old. “Here we are the strategic sales and service partner for Europe.” With OnBase, documents and all types of content that used to take time to search for, are now available at the touch of a button. Christian Kowalewski promises easy adaptation to specific needs through configuration. involving very little programming effort. Depending on the individual needs of the company departments, the application is quickly and individually scalable.


Intelligent Document Management

With RetSoft, eebos can offer a single, centrally managed database that can be used in any industry and has been developed especially for medium-sized companies. The eebos team is the exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for this sophisticated DMS system. “Especially in smaller companies, internal company documents are still being stored on a network drive under Windows Explorer”, explains Christian Kowalewski. “This is not only often unstructured and no longer legally compliant, it is also highly insecure.

A further disadvantage is the high time consumption, as it usually takes an extreme amount of time until the documents and information sought are available on the screen. The user quickly loses the overview and is overwhelmed. Our answer comes from the Netherlands. According to the simple but ingenious RetSoft principle, all documents such as invoices, contracts, drawings or e-mails are stored in a central location”. In RetSoft, all types of documents, even if they have been generated by different programs, can also be stored securely and made available at any time.

The user is provided with all necessary information quickly and accurately. This is enabled by the software’s fast, efficient and powerful search function. Regardless of location, sensitive data can also be retrieved from the centrally available database of mobile devices, depending on access rights. “RetSoft is tailored to medium-sized businesses and is one of the most user-friendly document management systems on the market,” promises the expert. “The database is simply installed on the company’s own server or in the cloud. Done.”

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