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Find your documents immediately

It is easy to find a system where you can store your documents however, it is more difficult to find a system that is actually able to find the desired document for you at speed! RetSoft does exactly that.

Find and save your documents: fast, easy, secure.

What is RetSoft?

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Archiving with Systematics and Transparency

A Sustainable filing strategy for the entire company


Archiving documents involves much more than storing them somewhere. Least of all when you have to achieve this in the shortest possible time, it becomes clear whether the filing system is suitable or not. Generally, the subject is often underestimated. An effective, sustainable archiving strategy must therefore be considered in various areas:

  • How is it ensured that all relevant documents are completely archived and made available again intact?
  • How can it be guaranteed that a document is found in the shortest possible time, even in the case of an extensive archive storage?
  • How can organizational structures of folders and files be consistently transferred to the archive for further use?

You will find many solutions for these requirements on the market. However, what you will rarely find, is a comparably powerful, comfortable and flexible system like RetSoft Archive.

Archiving by Drag & Drop

You can add files directly from the Windows Explorer into RetSoft.

Synchronize Files

Select a folder on your drive or network that is continuously synchronized with RetSoft.

Backup and Recovery

Files can be restored with administrator authorization

Integration of MS Office

RetSoft Archive Select Button in the Ribbon Command Bar (Outlook, Word, Excel).

Available Online and Offline

With our app you can access your documents via smartphone and tablet.

Quick Start

Simply import your structure and files and RetSoft will use this structure in the future.


With the workflow, RetSoft ensures that the entire organization can work together on the same documents and files.

This way you can forward / send documents to users in RetSoft. For example, for review or approval or for comments and additions.

By using version control and the workflow, document (or document flow) management becomes more transparent and easier!

See for yourself and test the free demo version for 30 days, which you can download here:


The developed WebAPI, enables RetSoft to manage and display all your documents (such as e-mails, PDFs, Word documents and CAD drawings) quickly, easily and securely in other applications. A WebAPI is extremely useful when several applications need to consolidate.

Via the RetSoft WebAPI it is possible that other applications can “communicate” with RetSoft. This ensures that an application can request RetSoft to search for a document. The document is then retrieved and displayed without having to leave the other application.

Documents no longer need to be stored in multiple applications. This way, each application can save all important files in RetSoft via a link to the WebAPI. This ensures that RetSoft becomes the central database in your company so that your data is always accessible and secure.

Advantages of RetSoft

  • You can save all types of documents in RetSoft, including Word, Excel, PDF, JPG and AutoCAD files
  • A fast, efficient and powerful search function finds the information you need in no time at all
  • Documents can also be viewed on the tablet and smartphone
  • Documents can be saved automatically in the appropriate folders/files
  • Since RetSoft serves as a central database for all your information, you can retrieve information via other applications such as Exact, SharePoint or Saleforce
  • Install your database on your own server or in the cloud
  • No expensive consultant or full-day training is required to use the software

RetSoft: fast, easy and secure!

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