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Record keeping

Save time, money and reduce your risk with an optimized records management solution.

Any good system is the result of good planning and keeping your records structure in place does not have to be exhausting. With a centralized records management solution, you can manage both physical records and corporate content under one roof.

Centralised file management
Automation of storage
Establishing cooperation

Centralized and comprehensive records management 

Simplify and manage your organization’s records – irrespective of format – from creation through the active lifecycle to final delivery for improved data management.

Effortless control and storage

Our business records management processes help you maintain effortless control over your critical information. We work closely with you to develop a solution that automatically manages records based on your pre-defined retention policies and specific calendar events to minimize legal risk.

Get everyone on the same page

Team collaboration can be frustrating when multiple versions of documents exist across departments or when there are separate copies of files for transactions, sharing and logging. Transparency and communication are childsplay with digital files that are streamlined and centralized to ensure effective collaboration across the enterprise.

Headache free Security

Our records management solutions make regulatory compliance easy and ensure that your records are never disposed of too early (or too late). Absolute security means that files are stored securely and can only be accessed by people with appropriate authorization. You manage records at document level and maintain fixed audit trails that serve as evidence for transactions, decisions and processes.

Records Management Security

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