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OnBase, our enterprise information platform, brings your critical business content together in one secure location and then delivers your relevant information directly to you wherever you need it

More Information for Employees:

OnBase gives employees 360-degree insight into the information they need to make informed decisions, from records and documents to conversations and emails.

More Overview and better Control:

Reporting dashboards and audit trails of all activities provide more transparency, support compliance, and help organizations identify opportunities for improvement.

A single Platform for Solutions across the entire Company:

Save the cost of creating, managing, and updating multiple systems by creating content-driven applications on a configurable platform with the click of a mouse.

We offer solutions to manage content, processes and cases for corporate information.

Our industry-leading solutions have helped thousands of organizations worldwide make their processes more flexible, efficient, and effective.

Our holistic Portfolio

Capture your Documents and Data

Manage your Documents, Processes and Data

Easy access to your content from anywhere

Integration with your other applications

Monitor your process and system performance

Back up, protect and destroy your content

Work more efficiently with the electronic eebos Personnel File Archive – even in home office

The digital change in companies is progressing rapidly. Enough of thick piles of files! Digital personnel files provide an overview and save time-consuming searching. There is nothing to be said for sticking to paper-based processes - but there is a lot to be said for...

Enterprise Technology Trend

Berlin, January 20, 2020 - In 2020, organizations worldwide will intensify their investments in business technology and use digital developments and improvements to become more competitive, strengthen their relationships with consumers and to keep pace with increasing...

Tailor-made Solution Concepts

In future, business processes will become more transparent and automated through the use of enterprise content management software. Including an as-is analysis of existing processes, tailored to the individual situation of the company, and a customized solution concept for optimized processes.

With our Case Management solutions, you give your employees a 360-degree view of the information you need.

This enables you to make faster, more informed decisions, from records, documents and information to conversations and emails.

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