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Intelligent business process solutions that keep financial institutions competitive, with reliable data security and cost savings.

Financial institutions process a large amount of information every day. This data needs to be well organized and securely stored, yet easily accessible to customers and auditors. Our business process solutions help financial institutions of all sizes manage their data, optimize their processes, and proactively meet regulatory requirements.

Credit Process
Fraud Detection
Asset management
Mortgage Origination

Credit Process

The credit process is all too easily hampered by paperwork and tedious data entry, and manual processing errors can rapidly increase the danger of unwanted risks and costly defaults.

With automated workflows and meticulous data entry services, we eliminate the clutter and ensure that applications have already gone through a comprehensive review before they ever reach your desk. Seamless software integration with every Financial services application gives you instant access to the files you need while you work with the systems you already use.

Fraud Detection

The subject area of white-collar crime is very complex. It is often not enough to bring rudimentary information together in a logical manner. In most cases, it is absolutely necessary to link a multitude of individual pieces of information cognitively. This is the only way to establish an analytical connection in order to be able to identify evidence of a crime. Exactly this detailed work is massively facilitated by the use of OnBase, as all parties involved – regardless of whether they are in the office or in the field – have direct access to the required information at any time, enabling them to act quickly.

Complete Solution

With OnBase you have a functional, mature tool at hand to cover all requirements of asset management in a legally compliant manner.

This naturally includes a consistently up-to-date, graphic representation of the managed portfolio, as well as daily updated information on risky investments. OnBase helps you to provide your customers with the best possible support, to achieve the best possible return and thus to build sustainable, convincing business relationships.

Mortgage Origination

OnBase revolutionizes the handling of so-called mortgage lending files. In such files, a lot of information – concerning mortgages – has to be constantly updated. If a form is missing, this delays the closing for an uncertain length of time. With OnBase everything becomes much easier. Lengthy approval processes are drastically shortened, content is digitally captured and analysed in a process-controlled manner. This professional approach unburdens all those involved and at the same time leads to a trustworthy cooperation with your customers, because they get what they so urgently need faster. On the other hand, you are protected because your decisions are based on valid and, repeatedly pre-checked decision-making processes.

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