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Berlin, January 20, 2020 – In 2020, organizations worldwide will intensify their investments in business technology and use digital developments and improvements to become more competitive, strengthen their relationships with consumers and to keep pace with increasing demands for privacy and security.

Hyland, a leading provider of content services for businesses worldwide, has identified six technology trends that Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) should have on their screens in the coming years:

1. Cloud Control

Companies will strengthen their option for managed cloud services to increase security and efficiency. Since hosting solutions in a public cloud requires comprehensive in-house monitoring, outsourcing the management and hosting of the cloud infrastructure is an attractive option for CIOs and CTOs.

Experts then take over:

– Data protection and implementation of the latest security measures

– Maintenance and updates of solutions for compliance with national and international regulations

– Disaster recovery

– High scalability solutions for fluctuating requirements

2. Quick reaction to new Data Protection Regulations 

The proliferation of national and international data protection regulations – such as the DSGVO or California’s Consumer Privacy Act – is forcing companies to rethink the way they manage and protect information. As the demand on companies to comply with regulations continues to grow, the challenge of keeping up with ever-changing regulations is growing with it. Retention of data is not an option. That is why companies are investing in enterprise technologies such as content services solutions to automate the application of document retention and records management policies.

3. Block Chain beyond Bitcoins

As business processes generate more and more data and digital transactions increase, there is a growing need for authentication and transparency for the future. Blockchain is a viable cross-sector option to guarantee this – from higher education to banking.

4. Technology to answer economic questions

As a result of the current strong, at times unpredictable economy, companies are already striving for greater efficiency in order to be more agile and competitive in the future. Just as the manufacturing industry is already using technology to improve efficiency in production, companies across all industries will focus on reducing the cost and complexity of business processes by increasing the efficiency of specialist workers in the back-office. Business units such as accounts payable and other transaction departments are already looking for second or third generation solutions to automate processes intelligently.

5. Progressive Automation

Of the Fortune 500 companies from 2000, 52% no longer exist today due to bankruptcy, mergers, acquisitions etc. And the pace of change will continue to accelerate: Intelligent automation technology, for example, continues to create new sources of revenue that lead to the success of new companies and the failure of others.

It is thanks to Robotic Process automation that will also enable a “digital workforce” to work around the clock at breakneck speed and support human employees by relieving them of redundant manual tasks. Machine learning and AI will increase productivity of specialist workers by controlling more and more processes and making contextual decisions.

6.Technology for customer retention

With increasing consumerization and the expectation to provide the best possible customer experience, companies are optimizing their processes to generate a competitive advantage. Content services technologies play a decisive role in this area.


“To gain a competitive advantage and extend business growth, companies are committed to improving customer satisfaction, streamlining processes and minimizing risk,” according to        Bill Priemer, President and CEO of Hyland. “To achieve these goals in the years ahead, our customers are focusing increasingly on cloud-based solutions, new block chain use cases and intelligent automation technology, such as robotic process automation.

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