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eebos Contract Management

Streamline contract management from the first enquiry to signature and beyond

eebos Contract Management provides a single, central location where all documents, data and tasks in the contract lifecycle can be stored, tracked, jointly created and edited.

This gives legal departments a complete insight into the contract management process, from a history of interactions of the information, to a clear overview of the current work status, pending obligations and expiring agreements.

Your Benefits

Central Management

Secure recording and archiving of contracts and supporting data and documents

Complete Overview

Offering legal staff a 360-degree view of contract-related information, tasks, activities and correspondence.

Easy Assignment

Automatically route contracts for review, approval, and execution-even with a digital signature.

Integrated Clause Library

Create dynamic contracts on demand with the help of an integrated clause library.

Automatic Notifications

Receive automatic notifications of expiration dates and automatic renewals.


Support compliance with a complete audit trail of all interactions

Further advantages of a company-wide contract management system


Accelerate contract cycle times and reduce operating costs


Minimize the time spent searching for information and forwarding documents manually


Gain insight into the contract status and workload of staff and be able to identify opportunities for process improvement


Reduce the risk of missed deadlines through proactive management of contract milestones


Minimize delays caused by remote and mobile access to contracts, review and approval tasks


Maximize existing investments by linking contracts with other business applications

The eebos contract management solution can be easily scaled to support a variety of contract types – such as supply contracts, employment contracts and NDAs – and the associated processes, thereby reducing operating costs and increasing value across the enterprise.

Simply sign, process and send contracts digitally

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The Solution

The Start Screen

On the personal start page, it is possible to create personal tiles that can be used to switch directly to frequently used folders, document searches or forms.

Comprehensive 360 degree view of all details

Complete view of information, documents, notes and tasks related to the application.

Visual Dashboards

Quick visual overviews of all contracts, worklists and workload.

Identify bottlenecks and trends. Get to the bottom of your contract agent’s workload.

Integrated Reports

For quick access and reporting. At an operational level, there are over 40 reports on various aspects of your contracts.

Access all authorized reports from your entire contract database, or even down to specific terms within a single contractual clause.

User-defined search criteria

Integrated search for specific agreements based on criteria such as due date, name of external party, status and more allows you to find agreements quickly.

Cross-references between contracts

Contracts that are logically related to each other are displayed directly together via cross-references.

Enabling authorized users to have direct access without having to switch to other folders or search again.

Various note and stamp options

Different notes,comments and stamps can be stored on each document.

On (scanned) image documents, the notes and stamps can be displayed in the correct position.

For all other document types, the notes are listed in a clear list next to the document

Microsoft Office Integration

MS Office documents, e.g. in the development process, can be edited and archived directly.

Thus, all authorized persons always have the latest version available.

Version history

Using the version history of documents and forms, the authorized user can obtain information about the creation process of a document and also open earlier versions if required.

Document history

Authorized persons have a precise overview of the document history.

Thus, it is always fully transparent when, what, by whom and with which document something has been been done.

Automatic monitoring of deadlines

eebos contract management automatically monitors the deadlines of your agreement and informs the user about upcoming milestones.

This ensures that no cancellation or renewal date is missed.

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