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Contract Management

Simplification of contract management throughout the entire life cycle.

Don’t let confusing, document-centric contract management processes prevent your employees from getting on with their work. Our contract management solutions streamline processes from start to finish, minimizing risk, accelerating operations, and providing greater transparency all along the way.

Contract Life Cycle Management
Contract automation
Improved ROI

Greater Transparency means better Cooperation

The automation of contract management allows employees a greater insight into the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to expiration and renewal, so that the status of your contracts is always transparent. Employees can find and retrieve contracts for review and collaboration much quicker and easier and electronic signatures facilitate the contract process on all sides.

Automation secures and accelerates your Process

Automatic alerts on key contract milestones such as expiration and renewal mean you never lose control, and a complete audit trail of all interactions makes it easier for your organization to comply with regulations. Automated routing, point-and-click approval, and standard contract creation templates simplify and speed up work for your entire team. Contracts are stored centrally and securely, so approvals and contract signing can be done anywhere, anytime.

With our solution, organizations can:


  • Store contracts securely whilst providing direct access to authorized individuals
  • Track all changes or actions made to a contract to document compliance, so that the time required for an audit is reduced
  • Increase the transparency of the contract process by making the status of each contract immediately apparent, identifying bottlenecks and improving processing and response times

Simple Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with the systems you already use, reducing costs and saving your company time.

Do it all

Meet all contract requirements and provide support for supplier contracts, NDAs, employment contracts and more.

Secure payments

Secure payments for products and services and provide timely customer service without breaking a sweat.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you optimize your company’s processes beyond contract management, contact a business process expert today.

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