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Business solutions

Use our solutions to adapt specific departmental processes, individually customizing them to their respective requirements. From faster sales cycles within the accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting, to optimized processes in HR, to contract or records management, we can help you.


Human Resources

Streamline the management of employee records while ensuring compliance with HR regulations.

Avoid unnecessary onboarding, offboarding and policy management burdens while maintaining compliance and security.


Use the advantages of ECM for archiving to securely store, protect, control and destroy your business-critical information and documents

Finance and Accounting

Our solutions optimize your outgoing and incoming invoicing processes and unburden you in your daily work. Authorized users will be enabled to make necessary adjustments independently, without the support of IT departments.

Contract Management

Simplification of contract management throughout the document cycle.

Our contract management solutions streamline processes from start to finish, minimize risks, accelerate operations, and provide greater transparency throughout the whole process.

eebos Contract Management

Streamline contract management from inquiry, to signing and beyond

Back Office Solutions

Customized solutions bring the back office to the fore.

Record Keeping

A good filing system is characterized by a sensible combination of physical and digital file management. 


Structure your processes and increase your efficiency through optimized time management. Our workflow solutions go far beyond the automation of a few simple decisions.

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