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Secure faster payments and increase productivity by automating your AR processes. Our Accounts Receivable solutions not only make a significant contribution to your bottom line, but also allow your staff to concentrate on the essentials instead of manual tasks and document-oriented processes.

AP automation ensures that your daily operations run smoothly. Accelerated by automation, Accounts Payable solution design can reduce the cost of manual intervention and error, increase cash discounts, and provide complete transparency and financial clarity for your business.

Financial forecasting and auditing

Fast, effortless, end-to-end Solutions

Transform your accounts payable department with a simple, comprehensive solution that covers the entire process chain from scanning and capturing invoices to automating manual tasks with configurable workflows.

Regardless of the original format, location or capture method, we help you secure documents for immediate access – seamlessly integrating with your existing financial or ERP system to ensure that your current investments generate even more revenue for you.

Seamless integration into existing Systems

Our Accounts Receivable solutions can be integrated into virtually any financial system, taking your existing software investment to a new level of functionality, quickly and accurately extracting the important data you need from your documentation and inserting it into your ERP system, so you can get even more out of the systems you already use.

Forecasts & Financial clarity

With features such as automated reporting and a life-of-the-record-audit- trail, you gain access to clear financial reports and forecasts that give you an accurate and detailed view of costs and profitability whilst at the same time keeping your creditors audit-proof.

Reduce Costs & increase Transparency

Business process solutions and configurable, rule-based workflows automatically route orders for approval and capture, update and adjustment. With these tools, you can easily track the status of outstanding invoices or customer balances so you know what was paid and how long it took to close the invoice. You can even run reports on all open invoices and filter them to give you an overview of your entire customer base.

Transparency and access to the User Interface

Don’t miss a step with transparent processes that eliminate bottlenecks, provide detailed and accurate transaction history, and allow employees to track invoices and credits for each account.

Transaction documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and cancelled cheques are just a few clicks away for authorized users, offering complete transparency at every stage of the process.

Do not let yourself be influenced by outdated processes. By optimizing the way your business functions you can reduce waste, increasing efficiency and productivity across the enterprise. Distribute, retrieve and archive invoices in the shortest possible time. Picking lists, dispatch manifests and other documents -electronic and at the touch of a button – allowing your company the advantage of always being one step ahead of the competition.

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